John Le Carre

One of the preeminent contemporary political novelists. He deals with very serious ideas – including the consequences of the dominant international political myth of our era, the Cold War, and more recently with the sense of disorientation in the aftermath of its demise. Le Carré’s messages are of betrayal of and by institutions, bureaucracies, ideologies or country is expected by seldom excusable; betrayal of individuals or of self is unforgivable. Yet both are understandable and predictable.

Le Carré merges romance and thriller formulas to assess the political and moral vitality of his society. Throughout he reminds readers that agents committed to secrecy are capable only of societal and emotional subversion. Intelligence agencies and their employees anxiously delude themselves. Agents are fragmented antiheroes, fighting ambiguous battles against boredom and drudgery in decidedly unglamorous and unappreciative worlds. No one wins in a le Carré novel, because no victories are possible.

His Books include:

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